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ERP Software


ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a type of integrated business management software that organizations use to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from various business activities. The primary goal of ERP software is to streamline and improve internal processes across different departments or functions, such as finance, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing, and more. By integrating these various aspects of a business into one comprehensive system, ERP software helps organizations achieve better efficiency, collaboration, and overall productivity.
Make use of simple & direct Reconciliations on your financial transactions
Track, Manage and Record live stock movement & information
Record, classify and summarize the Financial reports and transactions
Simultaneously work on different tasks without compromising
Integrate with most common yet powerful SQL database with UdyogERP
maintain your manufacturing standards and adhere to regulations
Plan, organize and manage your reports for unmatched insights & efficiency
Generate your EXIM Documentation Seamlessly with customized parameters
Define your hierarchy and assign permissions to the respective roles


Customize and simplify your user experience with multiple integration seamlessly

 > Partition Tolerant  Â
 > Highly Secure    Â
 > Auto Scaling
 > Fault TolerantÂ
 > Near Real-time Synchronization
 > Self-Service Portal    Â
 > High PerformanceÂ
 > Mirrored Data Store


Every modern-day organization uses a number of applications for different operating functions, mostly relying on Tally for accounting and inventory data management, from which stems the need for the applications to work together seamlessly with the Tally software. That’s where we step in. A leading provider of Tally integration services, Logictech has proven expertise in integrating Tally with all your business applications, that too in record timelines. We understand that some businesses need highlights and functionality that are not part of the default software. The good news is, Tally comes with many properties that allow integration with other business applications, for which the required APIs are used. The APIs available in Tally include XML, ODBC, and DLL. As your business solutions partner, we make use of all possible avenues to help your teams work in more effective ways and take organizational efficiency to the next level.

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