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HRMS - Human Resourcing Management system

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3 Ds of HRMS

Dynamic Dashboard

Users get the desired information on a single screen with multiple dashlets; allowing them to choose which information to access based on their designation.

Dynamic Reports

Users can generate any type of reports based on the modules present in the HRMS software like summary reports, matrix reports, etc.

Dynamic Workflow

Users are allowed to choose the way they operate and secure information with both Cloud based and On-premise implementation with dedicated backend support.

Our Master Features

Humans are already complex, your HRMS Solution need not be.

Application Tracking System (ATS)

A smoother cloud-based SaaS ATS that enables you to engage and retain more suitable candidates. Ergo, Hiring Made Easy!

Performance Management

Performance management aims to attain personal and corporate goals by monitoring and measuring employees, departments, and the organisation’s all-round performance for the desired tenure.

Employee Management

Welcome to the world of innovative employee management with HRMS! This takes the load off the HR team and makes the HRMS more efficient. Your HR team’s one stop shop.


Timesheet Management

Keeping a track of time while working on multiple projects can be excruciatingly confusing, just as much as it is tedious. Hence, the HRMS Timesheets.

Training Management

Training management by HRMS optimises employee output, reduces performance risk, and enhances over all engagement.

All Features

Aligning Processes for Faster, Efficient and Hassle-free operations with HRMS.

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